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iTOP.PARTNERS helps you make strategic decisions on a scientific basis.

Who we are

iTOP.PARTNERS is an interdisciplinary spin-off of the Universities of St. Gallen and Ulm, founded by Professor Leo Brecht, Dr. Frank Ermark and Ruth Schönleber. Both we and our consultants enjoy excellent scientific reputations and real, international experience in the field of technology, innovation, product and process management, as well as in business analytics. We provide our customers, B2B companies, with research findings from our areas of expertise, tailoring them to their needs and presenting them with well-founded, scientific methods for making decisions that not only keep them on the market, but also let them prosper.

Prof. Dr. Leo Brecht
Prof. Dr. Leo BrechtiTOP.PARTNERS GmbH
Ruth Schönleber
Ruth SchönleberiTOP.PARTNERS GmbH
Dr. Julian Kauffeldt
Dr. Julian KauffeldtiTOP.PARTNERS GmbH

What We Can Do For You

How does your company operate in constant change, with continuously changing customer requests, new technologies, competition and growing cost pressure? We support companies to succeed with the challenges of change and furthermore, generate sustainable benefits. Working as consultants or in In-house Schools, we provide information to managers and employees, which is based on academic findings and proven methods. This allows to implement strategically compliant processes, which can be managed and developed, and implement new technologies, which might be important for your company.


iTOP.PARTNERS works with leading Universities. This cooperation offer the possibility of a close loop and successful transfer between science and economy and can help to develop new methods, which can be implemented in companies.

Our advisory board is also director of the institute of Technology and Process Management at the University of Ulm. Specifically in the area of Corporate Learning program, iTOP.PARTNERS works closely with leading universities.

Voice Of The Customer


Together with iTOP.PARTNERS, we design successful customer cases. The collaboration with their consultants is easy and straightforward. Swisscom has profited from the close partnership to the institute of Technology and Process Management and the pragmatic approach of iTOP.PARTNERS.

BHS Corrugated

We are confident that the consistent implementation will set a new benchmark within our industry and will make BHS even more successful. Thank you.

Renk AG Augsburg

Giving innovation at RENK more structure – this has been the expectation of our management team. iTOP.PARTNERS has developed various alternatives in a very competent manner, which helps us to implement a new structure with continuous support form TIM processes.


In the Center of Excellence „Digitalize your Business“, iTOP.PARTNERS has provided innovative input. The Ecosystem approach has convinced us, that digital business models have to be implemented with a holistic economical approach. Specifically external partners and alliances within the complete ecosystem play a significant role.


Competition in a digital world does not primarily take place between individual companies, but between eco-systems. The Center of Excellence ‚Digitalize Your Business‘ puts the focus right on: ‘How can the use of new technologies and support of complementary partners maximize the chain of economic value added?’. Through the excellent support of iTOP.PARTNERS, we have created creative solutions, concrete prototypes, and promising eco-systems.