Technology & Innovation Management

Always keeping you a step ahead

Recognizing and Developing New Technologies

Technology and innovation management means recognizing technological trends early on and using new technologies for product innovations. Companys that are able match the potential of new technologies with the market’s needs early on and to turn this into innovative products and services have a clear competitive advantage: their product reaches the market more quickly (Time2Market) and achieves profits more quickly (Time2Profit).

Operational processes tend to grow into stiff routines that can no longer react flexibly to the turbulences of the market. Timely process management counteracts this by enabling companies to strategically improve their position regardless of the market’s situation as well as to use the energy created by constant change.

With our approach, we direct and support the development of strategic options while at the same time taking into account the uncertainties of the market and industry. The main questions here are:

  • Which goals do we want to pursue with our technological innovation?

  • How can we recognize new technological options early on?

  • How does a good innovation and technology strategy look like?

  • How can we transform the information into goal-oriented and innovative R&D projects?

Technology and innovation management processes:

  • Which processes are necessary for the implementation of innovation and technology strategies?

  • How are the processes of early technology recognition, idea management and technology road mapping structured?

  • How can we structure a lean and agile product development process?

  • How can we describe the market-driven processes of intellectual property management?

Identifying innovations:

  • How do we identify potentially disruptive innovations?

  • Which techniques of innovation management (focus groups, open space, gallery methods or even design thinking) can we employ?

  • How do we find ideas for new business models?

  • What are the best prognosis methods?