Product Management

What customers want to say to you

The Voice of the Customer

Product management is the customer’s voice in your company. It represents the life cycle of products and services (product-lifecycle management), from product strategy to innovation and development, from its introduction to the market, through its time on the market and all the way to when it’s phased out. How should we position the product on the market? How should we design the value proposition? What is the optimal pricing strategy? Which auxiliary services can we offer? Product management answers these questions, both in theory and in practice.

Produkt Value Life Cycle

By answering the following main questions, product management makes decisions that concern product policy:

  • In which market and customer segment would the company like to be active in the future?

  • What market performance will we offer to customers and what is the decisive advantage for the customer?

  • How can I successfully design the symbiosis of ‘technology push’ and ‘market pull’?

  • What distinguishes the ‘value life cycle’ of a product or service?

  • How can one best capitalize on the ‘added value’ offered to the customer and thus contribute to the «top line growth» of the company?

  • Which instruments will allow me to successfully introduce innovative products to the market?

The New Challenges

The duration of technological innovation cycles are getting exponentially shorter, so that a purely technological advantage is no longer sufficient for a company to successfully stay ahead on the global market. This is where product management comes into play by turning technological innovations into innovative products and services.

  • How can a company develop to a provider of solutions for products and services?

  • Which challenges does Industry 4.0 pose for product management in terms of competencies, organization of work, and interfaces in a network of value creation (business ecosystem), when trying to create real surplus for customers?

  • What new methods does digitalization offer in terms of communication and interaction with the customer, customer loyalty or even new digital products and online channel strategies?

We help B2B companies in setting up a «strong» product management by using a practice-oriented portfolio of processes, methods and techniques designed specifically for each company’s needs. These can either be introduced directly into the company’s projects or implemented through in-house schools.