Center of Excellence

Digitalize Your Business

The Situation

Digital transformation leads to new economic forms based on new business models, digital platforms and network systems. Businesses face the challenge of using this digitalization for the development of new business models and moving in digital ecosystems’ networked chains of value creation. Regardless of whether this digitalization is initiated via the Internet of Things or as big-data services, it is characterized by a rapid rate of change as well as the emergence of entirely new business models with new logics of value creation. With every conception of a new business model, special emphasis must be placed on the customer’s needs (customer centricity). Through both the design of trans-sectoral chains of customer experience as well as the networking of existing services with new services from the cloud, it is possible to design innovative and novel processes and fields of business. In the future, traditional customer-supplier relationships will no longer be structured in defined chains of value creation, but will rather play out in business ecosystems. And this will lead to massive changes in the processes of value creation.

The Center of Excellence «Digitalize Your Business» brings companies from various sectors together in order to design trans-sectoral business possibilities through digitalization. The center is aimed at experienced managers from fields of operation like, but not limited to corporate development, innovation management, marketing & distribution.


Driven by the central levers of digitalization – cloud solutions, Internet of Things, big-data services, Process Excellence, business ecosystems and customer centricity – we follow the both company specific and trans-corporate goal of the Center of Excellence: «digitalize your business».

  • Development of game changing innovations based on digitalization

  • Opening up new fields of business

  • Securing profitable growth

  • Improving relative competitive positions

Core Questions

Core questions for your company:

  • What are the central levers of digitalization which will make possible business model innovation for your company?

  • How will you develop a strategy for digitalization based on this and then implement it in a roadmap?

  • Which concrete, viable ideas for digitalization (Digital Solution Drafts) have priority for your company?

  • Digital Solution Design – how will you start your piloting?

Core questions for your market & sector:

  • Which central starting points for digitalization are there on your market?

  • How do you use social media, mobile, analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things in order to develop ideas for digitalization in your business ecosystem?

  • Which new market performances (products, services, hybrid offers) can be derived from this basis and how will chains of value creation and competence profiles change?

  • Which business potentials can be exploited and how will you implement them?

The Center of Excellence Method