Center of Excellence

B2B product management processes and methods (PROMM)

The Situation

Various studies have shown that a well-founded understanding of one’s customers along with products and industrial services based on this ultimately decide whether a company succeeds or fails. Through the changes experienced by many companies and the rapid increase in the number of technological innovations, there arise completely new possibilities to create profit for customers by using innovative products and services.

Here, product management plays a central role in being able to recognize these challenges as chances for one’s company. The Center of Excellence for B2B product management (CE PROMM) offers companies the ideal platform for reorienting and adapting their product management. The CE enables exchanging experiences with other companies and allows for a look into established, best-in-class means of implementation.

What is the Goal?

The Center of Excellence focuses on further developing product management into an economic life-cycle management of solutions (Value Life Cycle) with the following criteria:

  • Development and implementation of the newest methods and techniques in life-cycle management

  • Fast, cost-effective implementation of results in real, organizational practice.


Through close collaboration with the University of Ulm, the newest scientific discoveries are incorporated and can be immediately implemented. Together with an open and constructive exchange of experience between the participating partner companies, this makes possible an optimal work environment for the development of courses of action as well as approaches to finding a solution – and this contributes to a lasting increase in the financial success of your company.

Core Questions

Questions for the company’s product management

  • How can I avoid the commoditization trap?

  • Which industrial services complement the product portfolio and represent a plus for customers?

  • How will services be developed, introduced to the market and then marketed?

Central questions during the product life cycle

  • What are possible markets and how should they be segmented?

  • Which new, differentiating values can be offered to customers?

  • How much is the additional benefit really worth for the customer in terms of value pricing?

  • How can ideas be efficiently generated and effectively, commercially implemented on the market?

The role of product management

  • What is the role of PROMM in the company?

  • What are the future competencies of the PROMM?

  • How can one efficiently direct product management by means of suitable key performance indicators (KPI’s)?