Business Analytics

Everything big data can tell you

A Systematic Approach

Business Analytics, or BA for short, is an iterative, systematic investigative method for corporate and market data, which uses statistical methods. In contrast to other consultants, iTOP.PARTNERS employs business analytics primarily in the field of technology and innovation management. BA helps to identify emerging technology and future fields of innovation and technology. When doing so it uses algorithms to evaluate patent data, social media, scientific publications and other scientific databases. With the help of these big-data evaluations, companies can quickly and efficiently derive new fields of growth and strategic options.

Flexible Areas of Application

Modern data mining and approaches of Business Analytics offer a whole number of possibilities:

  • Identification of new fields of innovation for products and services

  • Evaluation of the real ‘Voice of the Customer‘ using data-mining information

  • Automated evaluation of companies’ public images

  • Monitoring competition

With the help of Business Analytics iTOP.PARTNERS can assist your company with the generation of innovative ideas and approaches in various fields. Our approach encompasses the following six solution fields:


Recognizing changes in the market and their effects on your business model.

Innovation and Technology

Finding new, innovative technologies

Start-Ups & Venture Capital

Where do external additions to the current service and product portfolio make sense?

Talents and

Finding external talents and experts for your projects

Partners and Suppliers

Which innovative partners and suppliers would make sense for your company?

Mergers and Takeovers

Are there interesting takeover candidates for your company?